BEES Love and devotion nurture the most complicated endeavors.Pattern inspired by the famous gold pendant of two bees holding a piece of honeycomb.Necropolis of Malia, 1800-1700BC.

    EROS Eros is the great binder, the force that attracts opposites in a dance of creation. Pattern inspired by the Spring Fresco, Akrotiri, Santorini, earlier than 1759 BC.
  • ETERNAL SPIRAL Intertwined spirals under the burning sun symbolize the evolving journey of life. Pattern inspired by frying pan, Early Cycladic, 2700 BC.
  • FULLNESS Nature’s endless unfolding of inherent potential.Pattern inspired by the emblematic bullhead shaped ceremonial pot.Knossos 1600-1500 BC.
  • GEOMETRY Geometry is a tool to understand our world and promotes our creative imagination. A pattern inspired from a Lekythos vase decoration. Naxos, geometrical period, 1050-700 BC.
  • INSPIRA Pattern inspired by ancient tetradrachm coin depicting the Minoan Labyrinth. Knossos 300 BC.
  • NAUTILUS The Eternal Observer of the continious Change of everything.Pattern inspired by ritual vessel.Phaistos 1500-1450 BC.
  • OCTOPUS Nature’s Supreme Intelligence in every creature. Pattern inspired by amphora. Crete 1500 BC.
  • PLEIADES Pattern inspired by the River Fresco. Akrotiri, Santorini, earlier than 1759 BC.
  • PROSPERITY Olive trees have been here for millennia. They grow under any conditions providing us with their precious fruits and oil. A pattern inspired from the Knossos Palace olive tree fresco. Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, 1600-1450 BC. In the trunk hides the Linear A ideogram for olive tree.
  • ROSETTES Pattern inspired by ewer decorated with rossete.Faistos, 1800-1700 BC.